Kalpana Acharya

Trainer, Counsellor, Special Educator

Principal Faculty – Mindflex-The Learning Organization

Has conducted Workshops for

Corporates : Reliance Industries Ltd., Jamnagar * CTR, Pune

Topics :
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Emotions, Expressions & Effective Communication
  • Mentality and Attitude for Job
Teachers :
  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Vidyamandir, Jamnagar
  • Army Public School, Agra
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mangrol, Surat
  • Golden Fish Army School, Agra
  • Aga Khan School, Mumbai
  • S.N.Kansagra School, Rajkot
  • South Indian College SIA, Mumbai
  • Vibgyor High, Mumbai


  • Handling Behavioural Issues in the Classroom
  • Teaching Students with Differential Learning Styles
  • Brain –Gym Exercises and Beyond
  • Effective Classroom Management
  • Techniques for teaching English in Pre-primary
    1) Time Management
  • Mind-Mapping and Graphic Organizers
  • Behaviour Management in Adolescents
  • Effective communication
  • Inclusive Education
  • Handling Slow Learners and Students with Special Needs
  • Identifying Students with Learning Disabilities in Mainstream Classroom
  • 1)Classroom Management and Team Building
    2) Classroom Management and Team Building


  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Vidyamandir, Jamnagar
  • Vibgyor High, Mumbai


  • Art of Parenting Infants, Preschoolers, Primary, Middle and High Schoolers
  • Decision Making and Career Options – Role of Parents
  • Healthy Diet for Preschoolers
  • Discipline and Routine for a Child
  • Assistive Technology and its Ill Effects on Students
  • Brain –Gym Exercises and Beyond

Workshops, seminars and conferences attended

  • Three‐day Lion’s “Quest Skills for Adolescents” Workshop conducted by Dr Geeta Shah, Baltimore USA. Organized by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, August 2002.
  • Six‐month Certificate Course in “Child Guidance and Parental Counselling, Guidance and Counselling orientation, and Orientation to School Guidance” - Department of Guidance and Counselling, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, September 2003 ‐ March 2004.
  • Twenty‐two hour certificate program on “Blooms Taxonomy, General Learning Outcomes, Writing Instructional Objectives, Insight into IEP, and Guidelines to Handling Heterogeneous Classes” – Galaxy Education System, Rajkot, 2005‐06.
  • Nine‐month module on “Differentiated Instructional Strategies” - Galaxy Education System, July 2005 ‐ March 2006.
  • Two‐day Workshop on “Mediated Learning Experience” conducted by Louis H Falik, Jerusalem. Organized by Maharashtra Dyslexic Association, Mumbai, January 2007.
  • Three‐day READ 2011 International Workshop on “Reading Development and Practices” conducted by Maharashtra Dyslexic Association, Mumbai, February 2011.
  • Ten‐hour course on “Brain Gym and Beyond” conducted by Ms. Roshan Bahar, organized by Maharashtra Dyslexic Association, Mumbai, April 2012.
  • Two‐day “Teacher Development Program in Classroom Intervention for Inclusive Education” - New Horizons Child Development Centre at Navrachana School, Baroda, August 2012.
  • Four‐day “Know Me Teach Me Annual Training Workshop” - Action for Autism CRE Program for Professionals, Delhi, October 2012.
  • Two‐day Professional Development Program on “School Leadership” conducted by Shikshangan, Jamnagar, January 2013.
  • One‐day Capacity Building Program on “Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Program” - HCL Learning Centre, Jamnagar, March 2013.
  • Two‐day workshop on “Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing Disorders; Understanding Its Implications on Development of Function and Behaviour”- Lakshya Neuro Rehab, Ahmedabad, January 2014.
  • Three‐day workshop on “Cognitive Behaviour Therapy” - Unique Psychological Society, Delhi, January 2015.

Workshops Conducted

  • “Identifying Students with Learning Disabilities in the Mainstream Classroom” (for Primary Teachers.)
  • “Handling Children with Learning Disabilities in the Mainstream Classroom” (for Middle School Teachers.)
  • “Classroom Management” (for Pre‐primary, Primary and Middle School Teachers.)
  • “Time Management” (for Class 11 and 12 students.)
  • “Goal Setting and Decision Making” (for Class 10 students.)
  • “How to Handle Bullying” (for students of Class 4 and 5.)
  • “Good Touch and Bad Touch – How to Identify and Report” (for students of Class 5 and 6.)
  • “ “Handling Peer Pressures” (for students of Class 8.)
  • “Identification, Assessment and Remedial Techniques” (for all Special Educators belonging to Reliance Group of Schools at Mumbai.)


  • Awarded Certificate by Reliance Industries for Meritorious Contribution as part of the team for Change Agents for Safety, Health and Environment
  • Contributed an article on “Our Journey towards Inclusion” to the magazine ‘Teacher Plus’
  • Wrote for a Special Educator column in the school’s newsletter every quarter for both Primary and Senior Schools
  • Was empanelled as an Academic Counsellor for IGNOU Course – Diploma in Early Child Education.


  • Faculty for “Gender Studies” for Class 11 and 12 since Academic Year 2014.
  • Facilitate “Life Skills” programs for Class 9 and 10 since Academic Year 2014.
  • Counselled about 500 students and parents in various behavioural issues, study skills,motivation, and adolescent issues since December 2011.
  • Part of the Panel for Admission Counselling for students and parents in schools I was associated with.

Membership and Registrations

  • Was associated with Reliance Industries Ltd. Learning Centre Work‐Life–Balance Team to conduct (Workshops on “Mental Attitudes for the Workplace, and Stressful Feelings and Emotional Intelligence”.)
  • Presented papers: “Teaching English to Special Needs Students”‐ ELTAI National Workshop”
  • Registered Special Educator – Rehabilitation Council of India (CRR No. A23085).
  • Member of Dyslexic Association, Andhra Pradesh, and Action for Autism Centre, Delhi.
  • Member of Chennai Counsellors Foundation, Tamil Nadu

Other Responsibilities and Contributions

  • Coordinated with a team the senior school Annual Day program on “Child Abuse, Child Labour, Child Marriage, Female Foeticide, War Orphaned Children”
  • Coordinated with a team the primary school Annual Day program “Oliver Twist”
  • Handled the logistics with regard to make up and accessories needed for school programs during Republic Day, Teachers Day, Independence Day, Sports Day, Annual Day, and for External Competitions in Dance and Music).
  • Trained School Choir for Christmas Carols
  • Trained School Debate team which participated in Inter school Debate at DPS, Rajkot. The school won the 2nd position in all the categories.

The Teacher as a Learner - Kalpana Acharya

The journey of being a teacher is a life full of experiences ,adventure and fun. Not a day has been uneventful in my career as a teacher. some good .some bad. days of learning, days of surprises all this from the group of children aged 8-16 with whom I have been associated as a teacher since 1989 till date. memories come back like it happened recently my first day as a substitute teacher at St. Patrick, Secunderabad - a fresh commerce graduate entering the class were 40 anxious eyes are on me I can see question marks on their faces - like they are wondering -

  • is she strict
  • will she be fun loving
  • can we wield around her
  • what if I am up to some mischief

The day passes by with introduction of myself to them and then I see them smiling and accepting me as one among them slowly we increase our rapport when I over the week have learnt all their names and address them so - this is the first tip for all teachers - the bond , trust is created when we remember their names , and call them so not only while taking the roll call but also when we have to make them participate in an activity, to focus their attention on our teaching, because it is a special feeling to be remembered among a class of 40 by the teacher whom they look up to for all their needs while in school- so my learning started here that as a teacher, beyond the subject and the knowledge to impart, I also have to connect to them emotionally and make the classroom environment friendly and safe.

“They are full of energy and vigour and here I was frightened to step into this journey of being a teacher my first assignment - I wanted everything to go right - since it was more an option than a passion for being a teacher - to let a secret out I always dreamt of being in the travel, industry but destiny willed otherwise and I am glad it did.”

Effective Teaching - Kalpana Acharya

Teaching is an exciting adventure which involves -
  • Passion and Communication
  • Fairness to understand students as individuals and students.
  • Critical thinking- challenge to deliver course materials in different ways and from different perspectives.
  • Humour and Fun- Participation of students.
What do we Teachers want?
    We want students to -
  • Pursue of Knowledge
  • Have Good Attendance
  • Be Motivated
  • Enjoy Rapport with the Teacher

General Classroom Strategies -
  • Know your Learner
  • Students get familiar with course content, lecture methods and tools used
  • Design a Code of ethics. Students and Teacher mutually decide on rules of discipline
  • Use technology for sharing knowledge
  • Organize Educational trips and Visits
  • Get Feedback about learning during the visits through discussions
  • Exams and evaluation - comment on mistakes & suggest improvements in their performance .
  • Effective lecture approach and methods