Kalpana Acharya is
  • Certified pre-primary teacher in English from Amerial Tesol Institute.
  • Was Appointed Master Trainer in Inclusive Education by Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE
Teaching is an exciting adventure which involves -
  • Passion and Communication
  • Fairness to understand students as individuals and students.
  • Critical thinking- challenge to deliver course materials in different ways and from different perspectives.
  • Humour and Fun- Participation of students.
What do we Teachers want?
We want students to -
  • Pursue of Knowledge
  • Have Good Attendance
  • Be Motivated
  • Enjoy Rapport with the Teacher
General Classroom Strategies -
  • Know your Learner
  • Students get familiar with course content, lecture methods and tools used
  • Design a Code of ethics. Students and Teacher mutually decide on rules of discipline
  • Use technology for sharing knowledge
  • Organize Educational trips and Visits
  • Get Feedback about learning during the visits through discussions Exams and evaluation - comment on mistakes & suggest improvements in their performance.
  • Effective lecture approach and methods